The breathtaking stretch of silver sands at Embleton are surrounded by wildlife - rich dunes and rocky shores. The quiet beaches are great for walks, sandcastle building and surfing while the diversity of habitats attract many different sea and shore birds.

Newton Haven is a natural rock harbour and beach sheltered from the tides by an offshore reef. Excellent for marine wildlife and feeding shorebirds this spot offers an escape from the more popular areas.

For something inland visit the freshwater lagoon nature reserve just 80 metres from Newton Haven. Here you will find a variety of wildlife because of its scrub woodland, fen and open water habitats.

Embleton Bay to the north is arguable one of the finest sandy beaches in England with the Dunstanburgh Castle creating a magnificent backdrop to this popular paddling and surfing area.

This whole stretch of coastline is so special that it is now run and managed by the National Trust - a sign that without doubt this area deserves to be explored.