Northumberland isn't perhaps the first destination that springs to mind when thinking about quality rock climbing routes but in fact there are some fantastic rock faces across the county just waiting to be explored.

Bouldering is extremely popular here especially at Gimmerknowe and Ship Rock close to the town of Rothbury. They are ideal venues for beginners or those who don't want the hassle of acquiring all the climbing equipment because it's possible to simply turn up and start scrambling up some of the small ascents.

For more adventurous climbs you are best heading to the Simonside Hills which are also close to town of Rothbury. Here you will find several single pitch rock climbing craggs. Or maybe head to the Cheviot Hills where as well as wonderful views and array of wildlife there are plenty of peaks over 500 metres to explore.

Beginners or those who have already tried rock climbing and would like to learn more can do so with the aid of some of the fantastic climbing activity providers that are based in the county. These professionals have a thorough knowledge of the best places to climb in the area to make your climbing experience in Northumberland much more enjoyable.

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Jack Rock

This impressive crag lies on the south bank of the River Coquet and is best reached from the Acklington Village.

The Henhole Crags

The grassy hills of the Cheviots have created a number of crags which are quite unlike others in the region, the most notable of which are the Henhole Crags.

Rock climbing on the Alnwick Moors
Rock climbing on the Alnwick Moors

Covering a large area of moorland to the west of Alnwick the Moors are made up mostly Fell Sandstone of variable quality. The stunning views of the Cheviots and the beautiful sunsets make this area great for rock climbers as well as walkers and bike riders.

Rock climbing in the Simonside Hills

The Simonside Hills are located within easy reach of the town of Rothbury. The hills are a mixture of rough moorland and forest which are managed by the Forestry Commission.

Rock climbing on the Kyloe Hills

The Kyloe Hills contain the four most popular crags in the county and also offer a few minor crags ideal for boulderers as well.

Rock climbing on the Rothbury Moors

The Rothbury Moors can be found to the North of Rothbury and provide a good area for fans of bouldering.