The Simonside Hills are located within easy reach of the town of Rothbury. The hills are a mixture of rough moorland and forest which are managed by the Forestry Commission. This area is a hot spot for rock climbers who are looking for high rocky crags to tackle. Many of the crags can be found from Sandy Crags in the west to Simonside in the east.

Ravensheugh is a superb crag made up of good quality sandstone. It offers a challenge for most climbers and being off the beaten track means it's never too overcrowded.

Another well hidden crag is Coquet View. This is a similar type of rock as Ravensheugh but it also offers some quiet unique features of its own and many good routes that make it well worth the visit.

Selbys Cove is another gem within the hills. Although remote the superb sandstone rocks enjoy a south facing suntrap with magnificent views across the hills. It can be accessed from the Forestry Commission Car Park via a 40 minute walk.

A shorter walk takes you to Sandy Crags which consists of a quarry like face overlooking the Darden Bum. The best climbing here can be found on the central sections of the crag which reaches a height of 20 metres.