Following the north east and south coasts of Holy Island, this 6 mile walk is a fantastic little route and is perfect for gaining some insight into what the island has to offer. From quiet beaches to rocky shores and fascinating cliffs to sloping dunes, Holy Island is a small but rare treat which is guaranteed to fascinate all who bask on its shores. Only accessible at low tide (twice daily), be sure to arrive at the right time to ensure enough time to complete the walk!

Also known by its Celtic name as Lindisfarne, Holy Island is home to Holy Island Castle, a wonderful converted castle originally built in the Tudor times as a defence. In addition to this, the Island is also well known for being one of the principle centres of Christianity during the Dark Ages and it was given to St Adian by the King of Northumbria in AD 687. More recently however, the island has come to be regarded as one of the top locations for bird watching in the North East of England! So, if you are a keen bird watcher this route is perfect for you as you may be able to spot one of the hundreds of species which have been recorded in the area!