No keen walker can afford to visit Northumberland and not experience the St Cuthbert's Way. This long distance walk stretches just over sixty miles from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to the spiritual island of Lindisfarne (known locally as Holy Island) lying just off the Northumberland coast and accessed via a tidal causeway.

The walk follows the actual route taken by the Holy Island monks after they were invaded by Vikings and their monastery ransacked. The monks carried the body of their beloved St Cuthbert the whole way before they eventually ended up at Durham where they built the awe-inspiring Durham Cathedral, which still guards the body of St Cuthbert to this day.

The walk is both interesting and varied and in many sections passes through stunning countryside - the section through the sublime Cheviot Hills is particularly recommended. Dedicated walkers can use the St Cuthbert's Way to link up with other long distance walks such as the Pennine Way, which intersects the former at Kirk Yetholm.